Tips For Preparing Your Evidence For Crimes

No one wants a crime to happen to them.  However, every day crime happens throughout the world and there isn’t anything we can really do about it.  However, before crime strikes you can prepare the best that you can.  The first way is to document everything that you own.  Write down serial numbers, copy receipts and take pictures.  With this information you can prove that the items are yours and that a crime was committed.

If a crime is committed, you first want to file a police report.  This report will document everything that happened in your crime.  When going for your police report retrieval make sure to have your report number and your identification.

Setup cameras

Cameras are great ways to help protect yourself and your valuables.  When setting up cameras make sure that they are angled and viewing valuable real estate.  Too often than not cameras in the home are set up in the wrong areas or are not able to capture the needed information. 

When setting up your cameras test out what you will see.  Make sure that you are getting yourself doing what you want the criminal to be doing.  You want to get a close-up or good shot of their face, any markings on a vehicle and even a license plate.  Cameras are not worth anything if they don’t capture what you need.

police report retrieval

Review your footage

Reviewing your footage will also help you collect information and evidence for the police.  If you have suspicious activity going on in your area before a crime occurs, you may be able to pick up valuable information that can be used to capture the criminal.  Not many criminals will think of protecting their identity when scoping out a location so they will generally make more mistakes that you can sue to gain the advantage.